3 Signs You Have a Great Limo Driver

Whether you’re looking to book a limousine for a special night out or one who can whisk you and your new honey off to the airport after your wedding, you want the best experience possible. Finding the right service — and a great limo driver — can be a challenging task. But it’s also very important if you want to have the best possible user experience.

After all, this is someone you’re entrusting with your big night out,. Maybe it’s your wedding, or an important anniversary you want to celebrate. Whatever the occasion, you want to find someone who is not just average. Instead, you want a driver who is both interested in what they’re doing and committed to delivering a positive customer experience. In other words, you want a real pro – not a pretender.

When booking a limousine for a special occasion of any sort, you want a quality, comfortable and hassle-free  trip and it’s the driver who plays a huge role in that experience.

Here are three signs that you’ve found a great limo driver:

1. He or she doesn’t constantly ask you for directions or feedback on where you want to go. Once you’re in the backseat of a limo, you want to relax and unwind – not give out directions like you’re holding a roadmap. When hiring a limo service, make sure you ask the company if the driver comes equipped with a GPS and other essential tools (like a map!). He or she should know the entire city and it’s suburbs well enough to be able to shift the flight path on the fly, whenever it becomes necessary to do so.

2. Your limo driver is a natural at socializing. This can be an especially important feature if you’re in a town car or hiring a limo that’s transporting you and your guests to the hottest party of the year. Your limo driver can help you set the tone for a great night by playing fantastic music and laughing along with your guests.

You can find this out ahead of time by asking to talk with the driver who will be responsible for your party. Spend a few minutes on the phone with him or her – that’s usually enough time to find out if you’ll get along. If’ it’s an important limousine ride, don’t overlook this crucial step.

3. Your limo driver is a trained and experienced professional. When calling a limo service company for a quote, don’t be afraid to ask how long the driver has been working in the industry. For example, the driver may have only spent a few years with that limo company, but perhaps he or she spent two decades with another reputable limo service. While experience doesn’t always guarantee perfection, it can come pretty close and it certainly is a factor.

Your chauffeur plays an important role in your big night out. Don’t leave it to chance — or chances are — you’ll be sorely disappointed. Finding a great limo driver could be as simple as calling a reliable limousine company, like LimoRSVP – for example. Do not assume that all companies, cars and drivers are all the same because they are not. Use this information to find the right driver for your big day – or evening.

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