How To Find an Affordable Limo Service in Chicago

Some people believe that finding an affordable limo service in Chicago is next to impossible. But is this factual – or merely a myth. Limos have long been associated with prestige and elegance, which naturally comes with a premium price. But wait until you find out how reasonable it can be to travel first class by classic limousine.

Okay, so you love the idea of celebrating your big night out in a limousine. You dream of lounging on luxury leather seats with your honey by your side and a drink in your hand. Or perhaps you envision getting last-minute work done as your limo whisks you away to an airport, where you’ll take a flight to a client who’s located across the country.

Yes, you’re definitely a fan of limousines – but you’re not exactly the biggest fan spending too much for the privilege.

If you’ve always associated limo services with high prices, you’d actually be surprised to learn that limos can now be more affordable than ever. Sound ridiculous? Maybe. But this article will show you how to get first class transportation when you need it – for less than you imagine.

Whether you’re looking for an anniversary or wedding limo, or you just want to hire a luxury Sprinter for a night out, here’s how to find an affordable limo – without the hassle.

• Consider the timing of your event. If you’re looking for a limo on a weekend, you may find that prices are a bit higher. If you can move your event, try scheduling it during a weekday, or weekday evening. Limos aren’t as in high demand then, so you’ll find that most limousine services are willing to slash their prices to get your business. Ask if they would have a smaller limousine available instead of the stretch SUV you had in mind.

• Tell the limo company that you’re considering hiring another limo service – even if it’s not true. Lots of people shop around – it’s no big deal. Just be sure to check important details like the age of a company’s limousines, experience of their drivers, available amenities — and so on. Be sure you are always comparing “apples to apples”. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting a great deal, only to see a 15-year-old vehicle and amateur driver, who can’t even pull into your driveway the right way.

If the limo service knows that you might take your business elsewhere, they might be more willing work with you to secure your business. That can sometimes translate into a considerable discount.

• Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. You’re looking for an affordable limo service in Chicago and to do so requires you to shop intelligently by posing a few simple questions. It never hurts to ask. And you’d be surprised at how many limo services are willing to work with you. Ask if there are any specials you can take advantage of, or if they can offer you any discounts. You may find that just the simple act of asking can help keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

It’s now more affordable than ever to hire a professional limo service in the Chicago area. Next time you’re planning your event, or big night out, use these simple tips to save as much money as possible. That way, you can spend even more on your special event – and you’ll get the benefit of a elegant ride in a fine, chauffeur-driven limousine.

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