Affordable Limousine In Chicago: Fact or Fiction?

Affordable Limousine In Chicago: Fact or Fiction? Limousine services vary in cost across the U.S., and in larger cities they are often the most expensive. This is to be expected, since operators in larger density areas face significantly higher operating costs. But what is not as widely known is that both prices and services can vary dramatically within any city or area.

Because the Windy City is the third largest city in the U.S. and a major contender as the city with the largest limo population, it’s all too often believed that it’s nearly impossible to find affordable limousine rates in Chicago. Part of the problem is that many people automatically equate “limousines” with an upscale and expensive lifestyle. And while limos provide the highest quality of ground transportation anywhere – they need not be outrageously expensive. In fact, you can ride in a quality limousine in Chicago for a fee that would seem reasonable to most folks.

Imagine that! Seems impossible – but it’s absolutely true. You can conduct your own due diligence to confirm this for yourself. And if you make the right choice – you can book a fine, late-model limousine, driven by a skilled, uniformed chauffeur who actually knows the city of Chicago and all of its suburbs like the back of his hand.

At LimoRSVP, we are committed to offering competitive, affordable rates for both our business and leisure clients. Why? Because we want to meet the needs of our customers and we want to continually earn your repeat business. We are a service-oriented business and aim to please by offering a quality and reasonably-priced limousine service in Chicago and area for both residents and visitors.

So if you’re looking for affordable limousines in Chicago, you need not look any further. Here are a few ways that we work diligently to keep our overall costs down – so we can transfer these savings directly to you – our valued customer.

1) We offer volume pricing. This is just one of the many ways that we reward customers that choose to make LimoRSVP their chauffeured transportation provider of choice. To us, it only makes sense that your limo provider should reward you for your loyalty where it matters most — in your pocketbook.

2) We offer seasonal pricing. This gives our customers an opportunity to get the most value for their money when they book limo services during non-peak seasons. We prefer to have our luxury automobiles on the road, chauffeuring customers to their chosen destinations than sitting idle during slower times. So again, it only makes sense to give our clients an even better deal on price. It’s a win-win situation that makes sense.

3) We offer a limited price match guarantee. Spot a better price somewhere else? Call us and we will match any price on a comparable vehicle. Plus, you get a highly-skilled, well-dressed driver for the same price and that’s something we’re sure our competitors cannot match. The bottom line is… you get better value for your hard-earned dollar at LimoRSVP.  This is just one of the many ways that we remain competitive in the marketplace, and stay one step ahead of other limo services in the Chicago market.

4) We consistently offer a first-class experience in newer vehicles at competitive prices. Some companies offer lower pricing by cutting corners. They operate fleets of older, well-used vehicles, cut back on driver training and limit their service offerings. At LimoRSVP, we continue to not only offer affordable prices, but also maintain a higher standard of service, which in turn keeps our customers coming back, month after month and year after year.

5) We offer additional specials. Each month, we feature specials on our website, such as our college and professional sports packages. Our packages are a great way to treat friends, family members, colleagues or clients out for a night on the town in style at affordable rates. Life is short. Live it up. Book a limo through LimoRSVP today and enjoy and beautiful experience in a clean, luxurious and affordable limousine in Chicago – any time of day or night.

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