Skip Rideshare: Why You Should Use a Chicago Airport Limo Instead

By now, you probably know that ridesharing is quickly becoming one of the most popular transportation options in major cities everywhere. Yet Chicago airport limos are making a comeback of sorts – at least in a couple of market sectors.

Perhaps you’ve even ridden in a rideshare company yourself. It’s hard to beat the convenience: You open the app, request a ride, and pay without even pulling out your wallet. And let’s face it, riding this way seems to be all the rage now.

But don’t be fooled. You should enjoy a comfortable ride – without putting yourself or your family at risk. And you should be able to count on your driver and the vehicle you’re riding in to arrive at your destination safely, comfortably and on time.

That’s why when it comes to important trips – like getting to or from the airport – more Chicago area frequent travelers and executives are skipping Uber altogether and opting for airport limos instead.

Check out the most common reasons why seasoned travelers and corporate executives are choosing to use limousine transportation for important trips, including the airport:

• If you want to ride in style, nothing compares to an airport limousine. Think about it this way: you can sit back in plush leather seating, enjoy a beverage before your flight, and maybe even get some work done. Try doing that with Uber and you might get a first-time driver who misses the cutoff. Or, you’re stuffed into a small and very average vehicle that also stops along the way to pick up other passengers.  That 15% in savings suddenly doesn’t seem so worth it anymore.

• Airport limos serving Chicago ensure you have enough space for complete comfort — and for all of your luggage too. When you order an Uber, you’re taking a chance on what kind of car you’ll get; anything from an SUV to a tiny hatchback could show up. You just don’t know. And what about the driver? Does he know where he’s going? Is he trained as a chauffeur? Does he carry adequate insurance for transporting passengers?

You don’t want to take any chances, especially if you’re traveling with your family, or business colleagues. That’s why more people are opting to take limousines to the airport — and elsewhere. For a slightly higher cost – you get the ultimate in comfort, a well-trained and well-dressed driver who knows what he or she is doing. And you can relax, knowing that the limo company you’ve chosen has much more than the required insurance.

• An airport limousine can be far more reliable than a rideshare company. Think about if this way: when you’re ready to leave for the airport, you’re taking a chance that a rideshare company will be in your neighborhood when you need it. An airport limousine from LimoRSVP, on the other hand, will be outside your home waiting for you – and you don’t have to worry about timing.

• Limo drivers are seasoned veterans who know how to get to the airport without encountering traffic or other roadblocks. Can you say the same thing about a rideshare driver? I don’t think so.

Make sure your vacation or business trip starts off on a good note. Choose a Chicago airport limo driver over a rideshare driver, and enjoy a stress-free trip to your destination. You’ll never regret buying quality. The thing is — it really doesn’t cost much more. Check it out and see for yourself.

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