Chicago Limo: Bachelorette Party Taken To the Next Level – Here’s How!

When it comes to fun nights out, nothing compares to the fun and excitement of a the big – all female – celebration, prior to the wedding. After all, you have a group of girls together who are playing games, drinking colorful cocktails, and celebrating (sometimes wildly) the end of a loved one’s single life!

Whether you’re the lucky lady or the maid of honor planning the big bash, you want this to be the best ever. This means a Chicago limo bachelorette party is in order and a reservation call to LimoRSVP is due. Below you’ll find some of the best insider tips to ensure your very special night ‘girls night out’ is such a blast – that it rivals even the most meticulously-planned wedding reception. For sheer laughter and uninhibited fun – you just can’t beat a good bachelorette party.

• Plan plenty of games throughout the course of the night. Think of your bachelorette bash as one long opportunity for fun and frolic. It’s entertainment at it’s best – and there’s no holding back. Rather than just going out for drinks, give each girl a mission for the night. Doing this can help get the party started, as well as make for some great stories.

For example, some bachelorette party games include a scavenger hunt for specific items (you can make this as PG or R-rated as you want!), or a game where everyone has to get a drink from guys with specific names. Google “bachelorette party games” – you’ll find tons of ideas!

• Find a place where everyone can meet both before and after the antics begin. Even if you’re having your bachelorette relatively close to home, it might be a good idea to book some hotel rooms for everyone. That way, people know where to go in case people get separated – which is likely to happen at a bachelorette party!

• There’s inevitably going to be drinking at the party – so why risk your great night out? Instead, book a reputable Chicago limo service that can take you from one party to the next in style and comfort. Make sure you get an accurate head count before you book the limo, as it might mean the difference between a stretch limo and a luxury executive van. This way, everyone can enjoy a night of drinking and games without worrying about who’s going to be the designated driver!

Whatever you do, make sure your bachelorette party is one for the memory books – for all the right reasons. Make it something every attendee will remember for a very long time. Be sure to plan ahead and book your limo service in advance — so when the big night arrives – you and everyone else can enjoy your night out on the town without the stress!

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