Chicago Limo Tours: One More Way Travel Planners Benefit from Limousine Partnerships

In today’s digital world, travel planners and travel agencies are constantly looking for ways to prove their value over online booking systems and mobile applications. A limousine partnership is a great way for travel planners to provide clients with added value, and showcase the many benefits of booking travel with an experienced travel planner with a great personal network of service providers.

Providing Comprehensive Packages Makes Life Easier For Travelers

Securing a limousine partner helps travel agents to offer more comprehensive packages. In addition to arranging hotel and air travel, they can also offer airport transfers, which are a great convenience for travelers. Airport transfers help take the stress out of trying to navigate traffic and arrive at the airport on time. It’s a great way to ensure that the vacation starts just as soon as the traveler steps outside of their door!

City tours and special outings by limousine are another value-added option. Can you think of a better way for visitors to take in the incredible sights and sounds of a major city than from the comfort of sleek, luxurious limousine piloted by an experienced veteran who knows the city and all the major (and often minor) attractions? Chicago limo tours are provided year round by Deerfield-based LimoRSVP.

Limousines today come in many shapes, sizes and brands. Executive limos are comfortable, spacious, clean and often available with additional amenities.

Ensure Timely Arrival

When a traveler misses a flight, it can be a headache for a travel planner to re-book those getaway plans, especially during peak traveling periods. Then there’s the issue of getting from the airport to the hotel and that’s something that shouldn’t be left to chance, if at all possible. Better to book with a reputable car service than to gamble on the next available taxi or limo.

If you’ve ever checked in late only to be told that there are no longer any rooms available, you understand why getting to the hotel as quickly as possible upon arrival is important. Having a limousine reserved and waiting for you is the safest and surest way to get to any hotel quickly and comfortably. Taking care of the check in process means visitors can now relax and enjoy themselves for the duration of their visit.

Overlooking this detail will only add to the aggravation after a missed flight or delay. But building airport transfers into travel arrangements gives the travel planner peace of mind in knowing that the travelers will arrive at the airport in a timely fashion and be well taken care of upon their arrival. Having one’s ducks in a row ensures greater peace of mind, making it a win-win situation all around.

Enhanced Reputation and Increased Revenue for the Agency

In business, they say that your “network is your net worth.” For travel planners, having a strong network of service providers including limousine companies helps to enhance the planner’s reputation and increase the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. Also, being able to offer ground transportation services affords travel planners another way to drive revenue.

It’s a natural add-on taken care of and one less thing for travelers to worry about. Being able to recommend an established limousine service is another way to easily provide an additional service to customers while easily increasing the average revenue generated from these bookings.

While online travel sites and mobile applications can offer travelers convenience and savings, they are no match for a travel planner who can take the reigns and make sure that all of the trip details are taken care of from start to finish. It’s personalized customer care to the nth degree — something that is sorely lacking from the online experience.

If you’re a travel planner seeking a limousine partner in the Chicago area to help grow your business and cater to your discerning clientele, give us a call, or contact us online today to learn more about our transportation services.

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